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Community Supported Agriculture

12 Week Membership 

CSA 2022 limited to 30 members / families. Feeds approximately 1-3 people

NOFA-NY ORGANIC CERTIFIED VEGETABLES TO INCLUDE MANY VARIETIES OF: Broccoli, brussel sprouts, melons, watermelons, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, variety of squash, variety of tomatoes, zucchini, herbs, variety of beets, carrots, radishes and red cabbage.

In Addition: OREGON ROAD ORGANIC HONEY, NOFO CBD products may be available to swap.

CONVENTIONAL NON-ORGANIC VEGETABLES TO INCLUDE: Corn, cauliflower, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

8 Week Membership 

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Our CSA will offer a wide variety of vegetables, melons, and organic herbs throughout the growing season. We are a NOFA NY certified ORGANIC farm. In addition to our certified organic produce, and to provide members with a wider selection of choices, we will offer conventional produce and goods from neighboring farms. A sample of additional products available will be our NOFO NY honey, and NOFO CBD supplements, flower bouquets, hanging baskets, annual & perennial bedding plants. It is a CSA with an array of selections from which to choose.


Our goal is to have a very exclusive and limited CSA membership. We offer a weekly CSA with the pickup at the farm (12595 OREGON RD) on Friday afternoons 3-5pm and Saturday mornings 9a-10am. We will provide a selection of 4-5 weekly vegetables/melons.  Each Member will be given (2) baskets to continue to swap out for produce pick up/ distribution of weekly product.  A swap box will be out at the pick-up times. The baskets will feed approximately 1-3 people. If you are unable to pick up on a specific week, if we are notified in advance, we will issue you a credit towards another week for the notified date. Pending weather and growing season, we hope to run from Mid-June through first week of November 2022.

Here at Oregon Road Organics NOT only do we offer NOFA-NY CERTIFIED ORGANIC produce, but our members are welcome to kick back, enjoy time with your friends and family on the farm. Our historical Silo and Vintage farm truck offer a bit of Oregon road history and tradition for you to take in. We are in the process of scheduling exclusive events for our members such as yoga on the farm, discounted paddle board passes, NOFO local Chefs cooking classes and pizza nights, as well as local wine and beer tasting/ sampling pop ups.

All members are welcome to have a seat in our Adirondack chairs and enjoy our warm fire pit, spectacular groomed farm views and the amazing afternoon setting sun which never disappoints.


Oregon Road Organics is a beautiful NORTH FORK hidden destination that we welcome our exclusive members to enjoy! We look forward to meeting with you and the 2022 Season!

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