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Community Supported Agriculture

12 Week Membership 

CSA 2022 limited to 30 members / families. Feeds approximately 1-3 people

NOFA-NY ORGANIC CERTIFIED VEGETABLES TO INCLUDE MANY VARIETIES OF: Broccoli, brussel sprouts, melons, watermelons, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, variety of squash, variety of tomatoes, zucchini, herbs, variety of beets, carrots, radishes and red cabbage.

In Addition: OREGON ROAD ORGANIC HONEY, NOFO CBD products may be available to swap.

CONVENTIONAL NON-ORGANIC VEGETABLES TO INCLUDE: Corn, cauliflower, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

8 Week Membership 

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Our CSA will offer a wide variety of vegetables, melons, and organic herbs throughout the growing season. We are a NOFA NY certified ORGANIC farm. In addition to our certified organic produce, and to provide members with a wider selection of choices, we will offer conventional produce and goods from neighboring farms. A sample of additional products available will be our NOFO NY honey, and NOFO CBD supplements, flower bouquets, hanging baskets, annual & perennial bedding plants. It is a CSA with an array of selections from which to choose.


Our goal is to have a very exclusive and limited CSA membership. We offer a weekly CSA with pickup at the farm (12595 OREGON RD) on Friday afternoons 3-5pm and Saturday mornings 9a-10am. We will provide a selection of 4-5 weekly vegetables/melons.  Each Member will be given (2) baskets to continue to swap out for produce pick up/ distribution of weekly product.  A swap box will be out at the pick-up times. The baskets will feed approximately 1-3 people. If you are unable to pick up on a specific week, we will need to be notified in advance, and accept a total of 2 weekly skips/ reschedule per package. Pending weather and growing season, we hope to run from Mid-June through the first week of November 2023.

Here at Oregon Road Organics NOT only do we offer NOFA-NY CERTIFIED ORGANIC produce, but our members are welcome to kick back, enjoy time with your friends and family on the farm. Our historical Silo and Vintage farm truck offer a bit of Oregon road history and tradition for you to take in. We will have POP-UP events with local vendors throughout the season as well as a member end of the season party. EVENT LIST will be posted, and you will be notified.

Again, we welcome ALL CSA members to have a seat in our Adirondack chairs and enjoy our warm fire pit, spectacular groomed farm views and the amazing afternoon setting sun which never disappoints.

Oregon Road Organics is a beautiful NORTH FORK hidden destination that we welcome our exclusive members to enjoy! We look forward to meeting with you and the 2023 Season!

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