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Oregon Road Organics

At Oregon Road Organics, under the WJF Farms label, we do support neighboring farms and offer their NON-ORGANIC local NOFO grown produce and plants.  

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NOFO Organic Farm

Welcome to Oregon Road Organics


Oregon Road Organics is a family owned and operated USDA certified farm, located on the North fork of Long Island. We grow tomatoes, zucchini, squash, pickles, cucumbers and hemp all presently NOFO-NY certified. Our inventory is always changing so please stop by or check us out on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. 



Here at Oregon Road Organics, under our WJF Farms label we do offer and provide support to our neighboring farms by offering their locally grown produce and plants for sale at our stand. Please note that all our Organic products are labeled with the Oregon Road Organics (ORO) logo and all other items sold at the farm that does not have the ORO label is not USDA certified organic. 

CBD Products Now Available

We are happy to announce the launch of our delicious Honey Lemon & Cherry Agave CBD Gummies. We also have Peanut Butter and Pumpkin CBD Dog treats that most pets find irresistible.

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We have high grade CBD products available for purchase. 


Hemp Farm


Oregon Road Organics - NOFO Organic Farm. We utilize both indoor and outdoor growing facilities. All of our hemp is 100% organically grown. For more information call (631) 735-9195 or fill out the form below and a staff member will be in contact shortly.


Take a Tour

NOFO Organic Farm

Oregon Road Organics is a NOFO Organic Farm, located in Cutchogue, NY. What makes us a NOFO Organic Farm? We are a USDA certified farm that grows USDA certified vegetables and hemp on the North Fork of Long Island, also known as NOFO.


NOFO Organic Farm Inventory

Inventory is always changing at our NOFO Organic Farm. For the latest harvest at our NOFO Organic Farm, we recommend following us on social media.


NOFO Organic Farm stand

Come check us out at 12595 Oregon Rd, Cutchogue NY 11935. There you will find our NOFO Farm Truck stand, filled with Organic vegetables, plants, eggs and other products from other local farmers. We believe in supporting other local farmers. When we offer something that is not certified organic, it will clearly be labeled as such so there is no confusion. Easiest way to identify Organic is to look for the Oregon Road Organics label. If you see our logo, it is certified organic.

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