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Oregon Road Organics CSA Program

What is a CSA Program ?

CSA programs are an essential part to every small farming operation. CSA stands for community supported agriculture, and it is exactly what it sounds like. When you buy in to a CSA program you are paying upfront for the cost of your share, providing the farm with upfront capital to help bear the burden of the costs associated with the beginning of the season. In exchange, CSA members are offered a discount on their produce, getting more veggies for their buck. 

Why Choose Our CSA? 

Diversity is the name of the game for the 2024 growing season. We are growing more than 90 different types of fruits and veggies. Our CSA members are offered the freshest products from the farm, going from the field to the CSA box in less than 24 hours. We are excited to not only offer our farm products but to include other locally made farm products from the North Fork community as well. When CSA members come to pick up their shares, they have the chance to hang out and relax at the Silo with glass of wine or beer, or perhaps a carrot in hand. 


CSA Sign Up

Our CSA program will run June through September including 4-6 different types of fruits and vegetables every week. Each CSA box will include enough veggies to feed 2-3 people for the entire week. 

CSA Pick-Ups will be on Friday afternoons from 3-5pm and Saturday mornings 9-10am, at the Silo located at 12595 Oregon Road. CSA members are allowed two weekly skips per season.

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Interested in our CSA, but don't live on the North Fork? 

Fill out our interest form incase we expand in the near future.

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